ColorPlus® Technology and Its Benefits

Do you want to make the most out of your siding project? If so, then you’ll need to work with the right exterior company that can help you choose the right style and color for your home. And, out of all the brands available on the market, many professional contractors prefer to work with James Hardie® siding products with ColorPlus® Technology. 

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How Does ColorPlus® Technology Work? 

James Hardie products come highly recommended when you want your home exterior colors to last for many years. The brand’s exclusive ColorPlus Technology is specifically engineered to help resist the usual weather. It also comes with a finish that’s cured in a controlled environment for a strong bond that resists peeling, chipping and cracking. This is perfect for your home’s trim and siding, and you can get the perfect color for your home that will last much longer than a normal paint job!

Why Should You Choose ColorPlus Technology?

One of the biggest reasons why professional siding replacement companies often recommend James Hardie products is because of the advantage its ColorPlus technology gives. Since multiple coats of color are baked onto the siding, you get a long-lasting color and a perfect finish! Other benefits include:

  • Faster Installation Process 
    Since there’s no need to apply primer or paint by hand, less workload is needed. This means your new siding is installed on your home faster!
  • A Greener Impact on the Environment 
    ColorPlus siding eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are normally present when traditionally painting onsite because it’s already done in the factory. This also helps the environment.
  • Longer Color Lifespan 
    Paint that’s constantly exposed to the sun will eventually fade over time. But with ColorPlus technology, the siding is designed to resist harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which keeps your exterior vibrant for many years.

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