Should You Install Metal Roofs Over Old Shingles?

As you plan your metal roof replacement, you might wonder whether you should have your old shingles removed first before having a new one installed. If you consult with us at Tony’s Roof Care, our answer depends on what kind of roofing you currently have installed. In most cases, however, we install metal roofs over existing asphalt shingles. In our experience, it’s normal practice to do so.

It Doesn’t Affect the Overall Weight of Your Roof

Since steel shingles typically weigh about 1/4 of what asphalt shingles weigh, and aluminum shingles weigh about 1/8 of what standard shingles weigh, it will hardly make an impact on your roof’s overall weight. In fact, less weight is actually being added to your home by the new metal roof than what your current shingles have, especially if they’re old due to granule wear and oil evaporation.

Installing New Shingles Over Old Ones Isn’t Recommended

One of the most important things that professional roof repair contractors keep in mind is that installing new asphalt shingles over old ones isn’t recommended. This is because it will only void the warranty on the new asphalt shingle roof; the old shingles won’t easily allow the sun’s heat to pass into the attic so the new shingles end up staying at a warmer temperature. When this happens on a constant basis, it shortens their lifespan.

Why Metal Is More Reliable

Metal roofing and its paint finish won’t get damaged even under extreme temperatures. And, unlike asphalt shingles, the warranty we offer on your new metal roof won’t be affected even after it’s installed over your old shingles. This is because it never really becomes an issue, even if it’s installed over old wood shingles or even thinner wood shakes.

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