You Should Mix Different Deck Materials, and Here’s Why

There are cases where using multiple materials in a home improvement project is a bad idea. Take gutter replacement, for instance. If you use two different metals for the gutter components, galvanic corrosion can occur, compromising the stability of the gutter system. But there are exceptions, of course, with deck installation being one of them. 

Deck Materials

It Makes for a Sturdier Deck

Deck materials are varied and many, but the two most popular options are pressure-treated wood and composite. A wood deck is tough, eco-friendly, and naturally beautiful, but it also requires frequent maintenance. A composite deck, meanwhile, lasts longer and requires little to no maintenance, but it isn’t as tough or as sustainable as wood. On their own, both wood and composite don’t seem much. If you mix them, however, that’s when the magic happens.

Using both wood and composite for your new deck allows one material to cover the weaknesses of the other. For example, wood is prone to moisture damage, but if you only use it for the joists and vertical supports (deck components that are not exposed to weather), it will remain protected against water or moisture. The decking will also benefit from the superior durability that wood can provide. Just make sure that the structure is installed properly by a trusted deck and roof replacement company like Tony’s Roofcare Inc.

It Makes for a Safer, Low-Maintenance Deck

Use wood for the hidden but crucial structural components of your new deck, but leave composite for the more exposed parts, such as the floor and handrails. This should be incredibly beneficial as composite is highly resistant to weather damage. It doesn’t rot, warp or split. Not only that, but it also requires no sealing or staining, which allows for easier maintenance. Composite also doesn’t splinter, so using it for the floor and handrails should increase safety and comfort in your deck.

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