What Should You Expect During a Siding Replacement Project?

For some home improvement projects, the process can be pretty much cut and dried. If you’re trying to fix a leaking roof, you call a roofer who will then assess the damage and carry out the needed repairs. If you’re replacing your siding, things are also pretty straightforward. In fact, the most confusing part of getting new siding is choosing a color and pattern that will go well with the rest of your exteriors. If you’re sticking to the old design of your siding, this step becomes easier.

Siding Replacement Project

When everything goes according to plan, you can expect no surprises during your siding replacement. Regardless, it’s still important to know what will happen when you decide to give your home a facelift. 

How Long Do Siding Replacements Take?

The time it takes to complete a siding replacement depends on the size and scale of your home. On average, a full siding replacement can take up to 10 to 14 days to be finished. You can add several more days if the project involves painting. Other factors that can affect your replacement timeline are weather conditions and even terrain challenges. You can expect your contractor to address these concerns before you are given a final quote.

How Siding Replacements Affect a Home

A well-prepared home can make the job go smoother and faster for your contractors. For example, keeping nearby trees, shrubs, and plants trimmed and out of the way can be very helpful. If you have potted plants, patio furniture or other exterior items, take some time to clear them away and store them somewhere safe before the work begins.

Unexpected Issues

Sometimes, problems in your siding are only discovered once your siding contractors remove the old boards. These include water damage and rot or, in older homes, the presence of asbestos. These problems must be addressed first before any work can continue and may cause some delay in your project.

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