The Best Siding Color Schemes for American Craftsman Homes

Choosing the right color scheme for your American Craftsman home exterior can make a huge difference in its aesthetic appeal. Trusted siding and roofing company Tony’s Roofcare discusses what this particular architectural style is and the best color combinations to consider when tackling a siding replacement.

American Craftsman Homes

What You Need to Know About the American Craftsman Home

American Craftsman houses are inspired by the Arts & Craft movement of the late 19th century, which focused on quality craftsmanship using natural materials like stone, brick or wood rather than mass-produced ornamentation with synthetic building materials such as steel or plastic. These homes are known for these following features:

  • Low-pitched gabled roofs with wide eaves supported by exposed rafter tails.
  • Porches with tapered columns or square posts supporting triangular beams at entryways.
  • Double-hung windows often grouped together in three to five units surrounded by simple trim
  • Front doors featuring glass panes above large panels below side lights next to each door unit.

Color Combos for American Craftsman Home Exteriors

Here are a few examples of appealing color palette combinations to consider when tackling a siding replacement for your American Craftsman home:

  • White and Red. This monochromatic pairing creates a striking contrast against any existing architecture surrounding your property, giving off both old-world charm.
  • Gray and Blue. Try out this color combination if you are looking for something subtle. These two are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any exterior space with their neutral tones that will blend well with the rest of your property 
  • Black and White. A darker and more dramatic version of the abovementioned color schemes would be black and white. This contrast gives off an elegant air while still providing an eye-catching feature for onlookers.
  • Tan and Green. If you prefer warmer hues, tan and green may be just what you need! Not only does this pairing provide a natural aesthetic, but it can also easily match whatever existing landscaping or plants you have on your property.
  • Brown and Cream. Last but not least, we have brown and cream, which offers both warmth and versatility when it comes to other colors. Whether used alone or combined with another hue, such as blue or green, these two colors can create an inviting atmosphere without being too overwhelming.

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