How Eco-Friendly Are James Hardie® Trim and Siding?

When planning a home improvement project, there are several ways you can help protect our environment. You can choose low-impact materials and work with an eco-conscious roofing company that will guide you through the best options for your siding project.  

James Hardie® Trim and Siding

When it comes to building essentials, James Hardie® offers an array of superior, eco-friendly products that are guaranteed to last a long time. 


HardieTrim® is made of recycled cement, sand and cellulose fibers. When all of these components are combined, the result is an excellent eco-friendly material that can protect your home and enhance its appearance. Like most products from James Hardie, HardieTrim uses few resources, which reduces its environmental impact.

Fiber Cement Siding

In 2020, James Hardie was named the Greenest Siding Brand by Green Builder Media. The manufacturer also initiated the Zero to Landfill Project, which cements its commitment to waste reduction. It’s no surprise that James Hardie is the top choice of most property owners and siding replacement contractors. 

Manufactured using sustainable raw materials and environment-friendly methods, James Hardie fiber cement siding lasts longer and requires less maintenance than other siding materials. Its color coating is applied in a controlled environment before installation, eliminating the need for on-site painting that exposes your surroundings to volatile organic compounds. 

Consult a Siding Expert Today!

Are you still undecided on which siding and trim to choose for your home? An experienced siding professional will always be ready to guide you through the most sustainable options. Getting expert advice is crucial in making the best decision for your property and the planet.

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