Different Kinds of Siding Profiles That You Can Consider

Your siding plays a major role in maintaining your home’s overall curb appeal, making it one of the most important components of your home. You need to consider a few things, such as the siding material and its color. While they’re both important when it comes to siding, there is one thing that homeowners should never forget to consider: the siding profiles.

Horizontal Patterns

This is one of the most common siding profiles. This siding profile is incredibly effective in protecting your home against moisture. There are three different kinds of siding profiles: traditional lap, which is the most common type of siding; dutch lap, which is similar to traditional, but features a groove cut at the top of each board; and beaded, a vinyl siding profile that adds some extra texture to the material.

Vertical Patterns

The two types of vertical patterns are panel siding and board and batten. Panel siding is similar to traditional lap siding, but is vertically oriented while board and batten siding are placed with battons covering the cracks to make it better at shedding water.

Shake Patterns

Apart from horizontal and vertical patterns, homeowners can also consider the shake pattern for their siding, which is a pattern that mimics the look of wood. Like the previous patterns, it comes in a wide variety of siding profiles, such as square, round, staggered shakes, fish scale and many more. 

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