Shortcuts Your Roofing Contractor Should Never Take

A roofing contractor may offer you shortcuts to save a few dollars or to shorten the installation time. But more often than not, these shortcuts can cut several years off your roof’s lifespan. In fact, you should avoid all the following shortcuts.

Installing a New Roof Over the Old Roof

One of the most common roofing shortcuts is installing the new roof directly over the old roof, ostensibly to save on tear-off and disposal costs as well as installation time. But whatever savings you may gain is not worth it in the long run. If your existing roof has structural problems, there would be no opportunity to address them. Your roofing options and warranty coverage would also be limited as many roofing systems require stripping off the old roof before the new one can be installed. Since these “re-covered” roofs are not as durable as “clean” installations, some insurance providers may not provide coverage.

Using Staples for Installation

Installations require roofing nails for fasteners. Inexperienced contractors sometimes uses staples to cut on cost. When reviewing your written quotation, make it a point to check the list or bill of materials, and make sure it doesn’t list staples for fasteners. Staples are too short and are clearly not designed for roofing use. If the roofing contractor insists on using staples, pick another roofing contractor.

Ignoring the Underlayment

The underlayment or “felt” is the moisture barrier installed between the roof deck and outer roofing. Some contractors may offer to skip straight to the roofing material and ignore the underlayment, again to cut on the roofing cost. Doing so can expose your home to rainwater intrusion and driven rain, which can lead to problems like damage to the roofing structure, attic insulation and increased indoor humidity. Fortunately, all of these problems can be avoided by choosing a roofing contractor that focuses on quality and that will not compromise roofing quality by not taking shortcuts.

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