Roofing Weak Points and the Importance of Roof Inspections

Your roofing system is a vital part of your home. In order to protect your interior and household members from the elements, it has to be maintained regularly. That way, any damage can be prevented before it can even occur. This is why it’s important that roof inspections are regularly conducted. However, since you’re a homeowner, it might be in your best interest to learn more about the roofing system itself.


The shingles are the most vulnerable part of your roofing system since they’re the part that’s placed on the surface. While shingles offer great protection, they are prone to curling, leaving the underlying wood susceptible to rotting, holes and other damage. Discoloration, on the other hand, is a possible indicator of roof leaks. Should you see curling or discoloration on your shingles, call a contractor as soon as possible to get it fixed.


The flashing seals any voids in your roof that can allow water to enter, making it a prime area for leaks if left unchecked. Your roof’s flashing can deteriorate due to fluctuating weather and oxidation, or it can simply come loose. With that in mind, be sure to have it checked regularly to avoid major damage to your roofing system.


Gutters are designed to keep water away from your home’s foundation to protect its structural integrity, making it one of the most important parts of your roof. Therefore, it’s important to keep your gutters as clean as possible since the water and debris buildup can cause mold and mildew under your roof. Excess weight can cause the gutters to sag. While it’s possible for you to clean your gutters yourself, major problems like sagging and major drainage problems are best left to the experts.


The soffit provides air circulation and draws heat and moisture away from your home as well, preventing rot in the sheathing and rafters. However, any damage to the soffit can turn it into a nesting ground for pests and small animals. So, be sure to look for cracks, holes and rot, and get it repaired immediately if there are any.


The fascia is a protective layer between your roof’s edge and various outdoor elements, especially water and weather damage. Moisture is the number one cause of damage to your fascia so be sure to look for signs of rotting that can impede its performance.

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