Roof Replacement Timeline: What It Looks Like

Replacing an old roof typically involves three stages, and specific processes are followed in every stage of a roof installation job. For homeowners, it is enough to have a general idea of what goes on during each step. This allows you to better manage your expectations with regards to the progress of the project and how soon the job can be finished.

roof replacement

Here’s what a typical roof replacement timeline looks like.


Before the actual installation of the new roof, contractors do a few preparatory steps to ensure the site is ready for the work that’s going to be done. These steps typically include ordering and delivering the new roof shingles to your home. Apart from the roofing materials, a dumpster may also be sent to your home. This will be used to collect the old roofing materials or any waste that may come from the job.


On the first day of the roof replacement project, you can expect the workers to be prepared and well-briefed about the current condition of your roofing. This is possible, thanks to the roof inspection done during your consultations with your contractor. Because of this, you can rest assured that your contractor already has a plan to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Nevertheless, try to be flexible as well because there are particular circumstances that are beyond anybody’s control. In such cases, you have to accept that setbacks and delays are possible. These are OK as long as they don’t happen frequently throughout the project, and they are actually inevitable and not a result of negligence on the part of your contractor. On the last day of the project, your contractor will likely invite you to a walk-through, allowing you to check the quality and ask questions.


After the project has been completed, the dumpster and all your roofing waste will be collected from your home. A representative of the roofing company may also pay you a visit to discuss any final payments or offer after-care services.

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