Is Snow Roof Damage Covered by Homeowner Insurance?

A snowstorm can leave your home a mess. Once the storm is over, you may think you’re in the clear from snow-related damage, but that isn’t always the case. The risk of high winds, freezing temperatures, falling tree branches, ice dams and damage from melting snow are all areas of concern. These elements put your home at risk, so it pays to have proper insurance that covers these issues.

Snow Roof Damage Covered

In some cases, though, roofing damage isn’t covered by a homeowner’s warranty. 

What the Insurance Normally Covers

Generally, roof damage that resulted from severe winter storms and blizzards is covered by homeowner’s insurance. This can include roof collapses caused by heavy snow loads, wind damage due to a blizzard and melting snow from ice dams that finds its way to the roof’s foundation.

What It May Not Cover

Any damage potentially caused by homeowner negligence may not be covered, such as:

  • Broken pipes due to lack of care
  • Damage caused by high-risk trees that weren’t trimmed or removed prior to the storm
  • Issues caused by melting snow seeping through an already damaged or poorly installed roof
  • Any other problems that resulted from homeowners failing to attend to the issues promptly

What to Do Next

When you experience a leaking roof, don’t delay actions – turn to the experts at Tony’s Roof Care. We have extensive experience with the materials and processes that will help restore your system after a damaging weather event. Our team can also help assess the damage to check whether you can appropriately file a claim with your insurance company.

As soon as you notify the insurance company of your claim, we can deal with the adjuster to simplify things for you. We’ve worked with many adjusters before, and we can help them understand what repairs and replacements are necessary to restore your home.

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