How Will Your Roof Benefit From Adequate Attic Insulation?

Several components make up your roof, creating a system that performs well, protects your home from the elements and keeps you comfortable. While hidden, attic insulation is vital to a roof’s efficiency and longevity. With it, you are less likely to deal with a leaking roof and spend on costly repairs. 

Here are reasons adequate attic insulation is good for your roof. 

Minimize Energy Loss

Up to 40% of air leaks in your home can occur through your attic floor. Sealing it could help reduce your energy bills by up to 15%. Before improving your attic insulation, you must address the source. You won’t notice much change after improving insulation if you don’t deal with the cause of the problem.

Longer Roofing Lifespan

Besides eliminating air leaks, insulation is essential to keep your roof structurally stable. This component keeps condensation from accumulating. When the attic is at consistent temperatures, shingles are less likely to deteriorate early and develop damage. 

Save on Expensive Repairs

With adequate attic insulation, you will enjoy savings on roof repair costs. During the warmer months, shingles are prone to overheating. Built-up heat and moisture can contribute to shingle curling and lifting. Once compromised, water will seep beneath them, finding its way to the wooden parts of the roof and causing rot. Too much condensation can also result in mold growth. 

Prevent Ice Dams

Another issue you can avoid with proper attic insulation is ice damming. In winter, it usually occurs when there is too much heat in the attic. When snow from the upper portions of the roof melts, drips and refreezes at the eaves, ice dams form. When not addressed, they will continue to build up and eventually allow water to penetrate the shingles. 

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