How Fallen Leaves Become a Threat to Your Roof

Regular inspections, routine maintenance and prompt repairs are some of the best ways to help extend your roof’s service life. Another way to delay the need for roof replacement is by trimming the trees surrounding your property. Fallen tree debris and leaves can cause roof damage, which can quickly get worse when left unnoticed. 

Fallen Leaves

Read on as Tony’s Roofcare Inc. discusses the consequences of allowing leaves to pile up on your roof and ways to prevent it from happening. 

Impact of Fallen Leaves on Roofs

Structural Damage

Over time, the leaves on your roof will gather, soak up water and become heavy. The added weight of debris can impact the structural integrity of your roof. If left unaddressed, the structure will start to sag and eventually collapse. 

Moisture Buildup

Leaves that land and accumulate on your roof can retain moisture. After the rain, they can form wet clumps on top of your shingles. The wet leaves can encourage mold growth when not removed promptly. To avoid severe water-related damage, schedule regular roof cleaning and maintenance with a trusted roofer.

Tips to Avoid Roof Damage From Leaves

Trim Overgrown Trees

The best way to reduce leaves falling on your roof is to trim back the trees around your property. It lowers the risk of wind-driven, debris-related problems during extreme weather. Branches and limbs can also scratch and penetrate shingles. 

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters are crucial for draining water on your roof and diverting it away from your property. Regular cleaning can help keep them in good working condition and prevent blockages. If your gutters are clogged, water could collect on your shingles and soak fallen leaves. This could lead to costly roofing issues. 

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