How Does Your Roof Affect Your Insurance Rates?

With severe weather events and the elements getting worse by the minute, home insurance has become more important than ever for many homeowners. Despite this, many homeowners are hesitant to get coverage due to insurance costs. We strongly recommend getting insured since this gives you peace of mind in the long run. In fact, your roof can help you with getting good insurance rates. 

How Does Your Roof Affect Your Insurance Rates?

Roofing System Age

Insurance providers will give discounts on roofing systems that are relatively new or those under 10 years old. This is the case since new roofing systems don’t have as many issues compared to those that have been exposed to the elements for decades on end. Older roofs require more coverage since they are highly prone to damage.

Your Roof’s Condition

Your roof replacement contractor will tell you that before getting your home covered, your insurance provider will send over an inspector to check your roofing system’s current state. The person will meticulously try to spot issues that need to be addressed immediately. Once done, the inspector can approve your insurance policy application.

Climate Conditions

Insurance providers will charge higher premiums for installing materials that aren’t suited to your local climate. Dent-prone roofing materials will be charged higher rates in areas where hailstorms are just another normal occurrence. The opposite would apply for areas with little-to-no occurrence of hail fall.

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