Details You Should Focus on When Hiring a House Painter

Whether you’re working on a roof replacement project or giving your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint, hiring the right contractor is essential. Major jobs like this can make or break your home’s appearance and value so only invest in experienced professionals. Before signing a contract with a company, you must carefully go through every detail of the document.

Here are details you shouldn’t overlook when hiring a house painter.

Ask for a Detailed Proposal

Your contractors’ proposals should include how they will protect your property during the project. Will they lay down plastic covers or tarps to keep your landscaping safe? How will they deal with falling debris or lead paint? Keep in mind that interior painting can create a lot of dust or fumes if you’re using oil-based paint.

Surface Preparation

It should also be stated how they’ll prepare the surface to be painted. Make sure that they’ll wash the area and tackle any mold and mildew growth before painting. Projects like roof repair and painting can generate a lot of dust or debris. Ask your contractors whether they will handle the cleanup or not once the job is done. Cleanup is most especially important if your home has lead paint.

Warranty Details and Liabilities

Review the warranty that comes with the painting service. See if it includes coverage for labor and paint as well as its validity. Also, don’t forget to read anything that pertains to the things for which the company isn’t liable. You should reconsider hiring the contractor if this part is longer than the proposal itself.

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