Denied Roof Claims: 4 Possible Reasons

Replacing a damaged roof is a big expense, which is why it is crucial to have homeowners insurance in place. It is also essential to fully understand what the policy entails, including its limitations. 

Denied Roof Claims

Keep reading to learn about four common reasons an insurance provider could deny a roof repair claim.

1. There Is a Roof Age Limit.

If the roof is approaching the end of its useful life, it is possible to get denied. Every insurance carrier views the age of a roof differently, but most insurance companies minimize their liability by setting an age limit on roofs. So, if your roofing system is more than 20 years old, there is a big possibility that your insurer will reject your roof claim.

2. The Roof Has a Manufacturing Defect.

An older roof is likely to have weather-related damage. However, even relatively new roofs can have issues. If your insurer determines that the cause of roof failure is a product defect or even unnecessary repairs, the company may not cover your roof claim.

3. The Roof Has Previous Damage.

A home insurance policy will not cover damage that the roof sustained under a previous policy. Instead, it will only cover the most recent event. If the company finds out that both old and new damage is responsible for your leaking roof, it may deny your claim based on the fact that the previous damage is the main culprit behind the issue.

4. The Claim Is Filed Too Late.

Most insurance policies state that a claim must be filed within a given period. If you fail to file your insurance claim within this time, the company is likely to reject your claim. Insurance inspections after suspected damage are usually free, so it should be easy to avoid a claim denial based on tardiness. Requesting an inspection with a trusted contractor is a good place to start.

Filing an insurance claim is a complicated process. Tony’s Roofcare Inc. can help you perform a comprehensive inspection of your property and make sure the insurance adjuster understands the scope of roof repair or roof replacement that needs to be made. Fill out our convenient online form, or call us at (253) 841-7779 to get in touch with us.