4 Questions to Ask During a Commercial Roof Inspection

It’s never too early to think about commercial roof maintenance, even if you’ve just gotten a new system. You can get started by scheduling a professional roof inspection at least twice a year – or immediately following a major weather event. And, if you want to learn more about the task, don’t hesitate to ask your local roofer about these important questions. 

1. On what roof components are you focusing? Your roofing company will typically check the more vulnerable areas of your roof. These include the roof plane, which affects how rainwater drains from your commercial roof, and the flashing, which helps prevent the possibility of leaks. By asking this question, you get a better understanding of the system’s weaknesses and confirm that your roof inspector is deeply familiar with your commercial roof. 

2. On what types of commercial roofing have you worked? When investing in a commercial roof inspection, it’s essential to choose a contractor who’s experienced at working with many different roofing materials. The trusted roof replacement company, Tony’s Roofcare Inc., for example, specializes in asphalt shingles, cedar shake, metal and tile roofing systems. Our vast knowledge about these options allow us to provide customized solutions that help ensure continuous, superior weather performance from your commercial roofing system.

3. Will there be photo documentation of the problem areas? Extensive foot traffic is a no-go for a commercial roof, unless you’re having work done on it. You won’t want to climb up there yourself, but at the same time, you’ll want to confirm the problematic areas have been effectively resolved. For this reason, you should consider asking your roofer for photo documentation (preferably some “Before” and “After” images) so you can double-check. If you’ve hired a reliable roofer, the pro won’t have a problem accommodating your request.

Prevent issues, such as a leaking roof, from developing or worsening by turning to Tony’s Roofcare Inc. for a comprehensive commercial roof inspection. Expect only a smooth and worry-free process when you work with us. We serve Edgewood, WA, and all the areas in Pierce County and South King County. Call us today at (253) 841-7779, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.