3 Questions to Ask Your Roofer Before a Roof Replacement

As a homeowner, you need to cover all bases when planning a roof replacement. Understanding the entire process is imperative as it allows you to keep track of its progress. Before anything else, however, you must ask your chosen roofing contractor the right questions. Here’s three of them:

Roof Replacement

1. “Should I stay in the house while the roof is under construction?” The short answer is no; you shouldn’t. Even if you think you’re not sensitive and easily irritable from noise, we highly recommend finding a place to stay during the replacement. The noise and vibrations from the replacement will make you have a hard time focusing on work and other tasks. It may also interrupt your kids’ sleep during the day. For your safety and peace of mind, we suggest that you find a temporary place to stay.

2. “How long does it take to replace a roof?” A roof replacement project can take a few days up to a few weeks. However, mold and other leaking roof issues caused by hidden structural damage within the system may cause the project to take longer to finish. Inclement weather conditions can hinder the progress of your roof replacement. However, an experienced contractor knows how to plan ahead to make sure everything is on the right track.

3. “How can I spend less on roof replacement?” You can, in fact, spend less on your roof replacement project. For example, find out if the roof you’re going to replace still has its warranty intact. If so, and your roof suffered damage, you can get only a section of it replaced. This effectively minimizes the need to invest in a completely new roof. Consider timing the project during a period when home improvement contractors aren’t likely to be in demand.

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