Spring Residential Roofing Maintenance Tips

Spring is here, and that means it’s time for homeowners to think about checking your roof. Tony’s Roofcare Inc. in Edgewood, WA, provides expert maintenance service so you can be sure your roof looks and functions great year-round. Read on for some tips to keep in mind.

Roofing Maintenance Tips

Inspect the Roof for Damage

It’s important to give your roof a thorough checkup once a year to make sure it didn’t get damaged over the winter. Check for signs of wear and tear, like tiles that are cracked or rust around seams or fasteners. If any problems are found, get in touch with our team for prompt inspection and repairs

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Make sure the gutters and downspouts are clean and free of debris before every rainy period. This will keep water from building up on the roof and foundation. Check all of the downspouts as well to make sure that water can easily flow away from the home. It’s best to have your chosen roofer do this as part of the roof maintenance task to ensure your safety.

Check for Loose or Missing Shingles

Make sure none of the asphalt shingles have come loose because of the weather by checking both sides of the roof periodically throughout spring. Don’t forget to examine the hard-to-reach areas as well. Prompt replacement of the missing or damaged shingles helps minimize leaks.

Trim Trees and Vegetation

Bushes, tree branches, and other vegetation should be kept at least two feet away from the roof’s eaves at all times. This helps reduce the organic build-up that can cause mold or algae growth and premature aging of materials used in constructing the home’s exterior walls, like siding or stucco. Tree limbs can also cause unnecessary damage when carried through onto certain soft spots.

Examine Flashings and Caulking

Check for loose or broken caulking, flashing, and vents. Other roof components that have become worn should be resealed with a special sealant to keep water from getting in through the cracks.

Check for Moss, Lichen and Algae

Inspect your roof for moss, lichens, and algae, which may cause extensive damage if allowed to develop unchecked. In addition to roof maintenance, our team can also do thorough cleaning of the roof surfaces. We make sure these organic growths are removed to restore your roof’s beauty.

Monitor Attic Ventilation

It’s important to have adequate ventilation so temperatures don’t get too hot inside the attic during the summer months. Make sure all components are intact (e.g., intake and exhaust fans) before running climate control systems in full gear.

Taking care of your roof is an important part of preserving your home’s curb appeal. Whether it’s roof cleaning or general roof maintenance, Tony’s Roof Care strives to provide the best service and materials for your roofing needs. Call (253) 881-8743, or fill out our contact form to get started.