What the BBB’s A+ Rating Means for Customers

Whether a company specializes in roofing or siding replacement projects, the home improvement industry is a tough business to be in due to the competition they’ll be facing. Therefore, it’s understandable if they’re scrambling to get high ratings to show that they’re trustworthy and reliable. And, one of the ratings that home improvement companies seek the most is the A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). But what exactly does this rating mean for customers like you?

Here’s what an A-plus rating from the BBB means for customers.

Outstanding Customer Service

To achieve the A-plus rating from the BBB, companies must have a clean slate. This means they should have a history of providing their clients with outstanding customer service, and they must always resolve any complaints that they receive from them. Otherwise, they can easily lose their chance at getting an A-plus rating.

Reasonable Payments Terms

Another criteria that companies must meet to attain the rating is that they must always offer reasonable payment terms to their clients. They wouldn’t ask a customer for the full payment upfront, and they must always be flexible when it comes to payment terms.

High Quality Products

In line with outstanding customer service, home improvement contractors must also offer high-quality products to their customers. If the customer is unsatisfied with the product, then the contractor will either fail to achieve the A-plus rating or lose the rating entirely.

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