How to Protect Your Landscaping From Paint Splatters

The main qualm of homeowners when doing exterior painting jobs is the fear that paint could damage their home’s landscaping. It’s true that paint can be harmful to your plants. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to protect your landscaping from the mess that an exterior paint job can create. 

 Protect Your Landscaping From Paint Splatters

Cover the Plants

When painting inside, you cover your furniture. You can take the same approach for protecting your plants by using tarps, large plastic sheets or trash bags to protect them from paint overspray or drips. Avoid using heavy tarps since this can damage your plants.

Remove the protective covers during the afternoon or evening to allow your plants to breathe. Leaving it on for too long could damage them. You can even leave it off during the morning for the plants to absorb healthy doses of sunlight. You can cover them up once again when the job starts. It’s also a good precaution to water them frequently to avoid paint from sticking.

Talk With Your Painter

Expert painters don’t have to be told to protect the clients’ plants since this should be part of their standard operating procedures. However, it’s still a good idea to communicate this concern to them to let them know that you’re taking care of your landscaping. You can even ask tips from your expert painter so that they can guide you on taking care of your landscaping. This helps you approach future exterior painting projects with newfound confidence.

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