DIY Home Exterior Painting: Is It The Right Choice?

On paper, home exterior painting is one of those projects you can easily do on your own. But should you? While it’s possible to DIY home exterior painting, there’s no guarantee that the results will be consistent or satisfactory. Here’s why DIY exterior painting is not the right choice.

Exterior Painting

It’s a Task Where Making Errors Is Easy

The fact is that DIY exterior home painting offers many potentials for mistakes. When the task is done poorly, it definitely shows. For starters, most DIY-ers tend to rush the preparation phase, which is easily one of the most important aspects of exterior home painting. They fail to clean the surface area properly, use the wrong kind of paint, overlook the primer or ignore any areas that might need repairs or sealing. This won’t be an issue if you hire an actual professional for the job.

Professional Exterior Painting Is Always the Way to Go

Turn to a dependable roof and exterior renovation company like Tony’s Roofcare Inc. for your exterior paint job. We use a streamlined, tried-and-proven method that ensures the task will be done in a timely and efficient manner. Before we pull out the paint brushes and rollers, we make sure that:

  • All loose paint chips are scraped away.
  • The rough edges of the old paint are sanded thoroughly to create a smooth surface, allowing the new paint to adhere easily and seamlessly.
  • The surface area is clear of dust, dirt and other debris.
  • Any damaged areas of the home exterior are repaired and caulked prior to the actual paint job.
  • The right type of primer is applied to the home exterior.
  • The appropriate type and color tone of paint will be used for the project.
  • You are guided through the painting process every step of the way so you know exactly what to expect. If you have any questions or concerns about the project, our team is always ready and willing to address them.

Superior Exterior Services Like No Other

Let Tony’s Roofcare Inc. handle your exterior painting needs. With our skilled and experienced team, we’ll make sure the task is done perfectly right the first time. Get in touch with us by calling (253) 841-7779 or filling out this contact form. We proudly serve homeowners in Edgewood, WA, and other areas in Pierce County.