Installing a Deck: Should It Be Level With Your Home?

A deck installation is like any other home improvement project. Here, you’ll need to decide on a few important things, including the materials and your budget. Another consideration involves whether or not to make the deck level with your home. 

A Resounding “No”

A deck that is level with your home is not recommended at all. Because it is too close to the ground, the structure will become more susceptible to moisture or water damage. Expect the other components of your home to be exposed to water as well, including the siding, doors and foundations. Worse, maintaining your deck becomes burdensome due to the constant presence of mold, mildew and rot.

Deck Components Susceptible to Moisture

A deck company knows what it takes to perform flawless deck installations. The pros are aware of the repercussions of building one that is the same height as the home. Moisture can affect some of the deck’s integral components like the following:

  • Flashing – It connects your deck to your home while making sure it keeps all moisture away from your home’s exterior. It won’t be as functional and effective, however, if your deck is level with your home.

  • Joists – These long, perpendicular wooden beams provide support for the entire decking. If the source of moisture is at the ineffective flashing, expect damage to spread to the joists in the form of rot.

  • Ledger – This wooden board is located where the deck’s flashing meets the house. Damp ledger boards are likely to separate and become loose, increasing the threat of water damage. Worse of all, it can become a safety issue.

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