Outdoor Deck Placement: 3 Things to Consider

When building an outdoor deck, you have to consider a lot of things: which contractor to hire, what materials to use, how big it will be and more. With so much going on, you may overlook one of the most critical factors of deck building – location. Although an essential factor, some homeowners don’t put much thought into placement until it’s too late.

Outdoor Deck Placement

As the deck is an extension of your home, you have to love every detail about it. Here are a few deck placement tips.

  • Establish the main goal of your deck. The first and most critical factor to consider when a deck site is its purpose. Why are you adding a deck? Will it be used for dining and outdoor entertaining? If that is the main purpose, then consider building it near your kitchen. Is it for relaxation and meditation? In that case, you’ll want to pick a site with few distractions, perhaps off of a bedroom or living room.
  • Think about the access from your house. Decks serve as an extension of your home so they should be easy to access. In some cases, like when used for an outdoor pool, some homeowners choose to have their decks away from the house to prevent water from penetrating the home’s structure. 
  • Consider the sun and heat. Consider the intensity of the sun when selecting your deck location. If you live in a warmer climate, pick a spot that provides shade during the peak sun hours. In the same way, decks built in cool climates should be placed in an area where the sun is most intense during the hours when you plan on using it.

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