Is a Permit Needed Prior to Deck Construction?

Deck construction is one of the easiest home improvement projects that you can do. That is why many homeowners often get a bit surprised when they are informed that they need to apply for a permit in order to get this done. Failure to secure a deck permit can land you in serious trouble. You may be asked to pay a hefty fine or tear down your new deck. Worse, someone might get hurt due to the faulty or unauthorized construction.

To help you avoid such issues, we offer a few important points to remember when securing a deck permit.

Things to Prepare

When applying for a deck permit, make sure to prepare at least two copies of scale drawings of your proposed deck, particularly its framing plan view or overhead. However, don’t be surprised if you are required to submit an elevation drawing as well. In some cases, showing the front or side view of the deck helps in communicating more information about the project.

Furthermore, ensure that your plan includes specific details, such as the locations, spacing and sizes of the beams, joists and frost footings. You will also need to provide the types and grades of materials that you are going to use for the framing, decking and rails.

Applying for a Deck Permit

The application process for a deck permit is generally simple, but it does require preparation and planning. Before heading out, research the authority that issues building permits in your area as well as the location of the office. Most Building Inspections Departments are situated within the City Hall buildings so you might want to start there. You can also call local government offices so that they can point you in the right direction.

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