Deck Building Guide: Things to Do Before Building a Deck

Building a deck creates an additional area for entertaining or just relaxing. A seamless transition from inside to outside is very appealing to most home buyers and can increase not only the floor space, but even the value of your home.

Deck Building Guide

There are numerous things to consider before building a deck, and there are a variety of design styles, installation methods and materials from which to choose. You can have a deck attached to the house, or you can install a freestanding deck.

Although it looks like a simple idea, there is a strong thought process behind it. Following these easy guidelines will ensure you have the size and type of deck you will enjoy for many years.

1. Consider All Materials

Many homeowners are surprised to find that there are more decking materials than just wood. For example, composite home decking is a material that imitates the look of wood without all the maintenance wood decking requires.

2. Check Local Building Codes

Before making a new addition to your home, you will need to check your local building codes. This will ensure that your deck is structurally sound and safe to use. Your decking installation contractor should obtain the necessary permits before building a deck.

3. Use Quality Decking Materials

Although many choose to stick to the conventional building material, you can always go the extra mile when building a deck in your house. Contractors can help you choose the material of the finest quality so that it can last for a long time.

4. Design Your Deck

Using deck materials that complement your home’s exterior design can help make your new deck a worthy investment. Avoid the mistake of designing a deck that is too big for its respective house or yard. The unbalanced proportions can make the deck seem like an awkward addition to your home. 

5. Evaluate Your Foundation

A sturdy deck needs a sturdy foundation. If you build your deck on shifting or uneven ground, it won’t be structurally sound. You’ll need to make sure your footings are set in concrete below the frost line, which will vary depending on your location. 

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